My body is a temple,

I am a beauty that is meant to be devoured,

Lots of love and passion burning in our souls.


@maiikeru 2019

Photo by Lucas Marconnet on Unsplash

Music Voices

Music Voices needs writers and followers

Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

I decided to realize my dream by creating my own music publication, Music Voices, on Medium.

Music has been my lifetime heartbeat.

Without music I simply am not breathing.

Music for me is my pure fresh air melody.

Thanks to my editor Isaac Middle and my exchanges with Trisha Traughber, this has somewhat popped back up in my projects and voilà, here is our new Medium publication dedicated to music.

Music Voices
Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

LB editor, will also kindly contribute to Music Voices. LB’s living breathing writing inspired by music and daylightcontributions will be tagged within the LB’s Serenity Sun Days own section.

Music Voices publication, based on any music theme, does not constraint its authors’ who are free to express their emotions because music is so personal.

Music Voices authors write on their idols, role models, groups, singers, songs, genres, cultural, techniques, lyrics, covers, influences, instruments, shows, concerts, festivals, etc.

Express new poetic emotions, present your own lyrics, exchange your ongoing musical influences from oldies to new unknown garage or indie and emerging bands, share with us your favorite music art.

Music Voices publication is a Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

Music Voices cultivates as you manage us. Help us shake this melodious tune into a harmonious lyrical musical stage.

Music Voices promotes and stimulates our creativity senses by curving our souls’ arches.

Please always add ‘Music Voices’ and ‘Music’ tags to your submitted drafts to Music Voices publication.

Respect all artists and pay tribute to their work by carefully adding their names for any musical reference (i.e. songwriters, musicians, music labels, music art, posters, clips, etc.)


Francine Fallara 2019

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Photo: ricardo-gomez-angel-TPvLvY67VlI-unsplash

Art Gallery Night — Part I

Art Gallery Night — 15th Edition

Photographs and text by: Francine Fallara 2019 all rights reserved

Quebec City’s Petit Champlain district area has a 6-hour yearly festival known as the ‘Art Gallery Night’ between 5 and 11 pm.

The already highly popular and visited neighborhood, enchants their participants through different art forms and medias.

My favorite discoveries are from the Nob Hill Gallery, featuring several very talented artists:

1 — Hendrix sculpture by the artist Rebellion in painted steel

2 — Sculpture by the artist Rebellion in painted steel

3 — Ocean Eyes —from the artist Amélie Lampron “ … inspired by my St. Lawrence River of Love, the book “Rainbow the most beautiful fish of the oceans” (which marked my childhood 😍), and the siren in me!”

4 — Sculpture by the artist Rebellion in painted steel

Art Gallery Night — Part I_FrancineFallara_2019–09–21_Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

5 — Too Much Thinking — painted by artist Bachand

6 — Catch Me If You Can — painted by artist Bachand

7 — The Joker — painted by artist Bachand

8 — Save Me and Tell Me— painted by artist Bachand

9 — The Wonder Woman — painted by artist Bachand

10 — Blue Flower — painted by artist TONE

Francine Fallara, 2019

Art Gallery Night — 15th Edition

Photographs and text by: Francine Fallara 2019 all rights reserved

Pink Moments

Pastel Nuances


Art Gallery Night — Part I, Sculpture by the artist Rebellion in painted steel_FrancineFallara_2019–09–21_Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Running from pastel nuances kind of girl, my heart opens up to beauty, letting soft tones distinguish my distinctions, tribute to Moments, all-embracing virtual pub for all you can feel.


Francine Fallara, 2019

Sustain your bulbs


Revive your heart

Step by step your feet

Rise your stepladder to let

You save your loved light


Fathers who are here,

Thank you for your bliss,

Your love & care,

For your hard-work that you do,

Expecting nothing back,

Smiles are for you.

. . .

Smiles that are nevery dry,

Care that is a foundation,

Love that is endless,


. . .

Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash